Writers Wanted!

Think you can write? Think you got the chops to make people laugh and stop and think for  a minute about this screwed up political/social scene we got in this here country?

Do you have an inside scoop on the political scene, in your town, in New Hampshire, in the country, in the world?

Do you wish you had a chance to have your voice heard?  Are you finding yourself hogging the Facebook comments because you have so much to say?  Do you want exposure for your vast, undiscovered talent?

Don’t just sit there!

Well here’s your chance.  We at Progressive Action NH are looking for writers who have the gift of gab and want to see their name in print (or whatever identity you adopt).  We know that New Hampshire is teeming with progressive voices longing to be heard.  We know that the Union Leader, the Foster’s Daily Democrat and so many others are corporate owned servants of the same master.  We know that they control their messaging.

Well we at Progressive Action NH control the messaging too, but in a way that will favor YOU the sharp-witted, acid-tongued Progressive left winger, genius yet to be discovered!  We want your left of center voice right here.  Get on our page and get in the action — the Progressive Action that is!

Here’s your chance, we promise to do all we can to support your efforts at expressing yourself by giving your work front and center billing on this blog.  We are a growing organization, so baby, get on board, its all up from here!  Our staff is diligently working day and night to develop cost-free ways to promote this blog, so get on while the gettin’s good!

What we are looking for specifically: (seriously)

  • – opinion pieces of no more than 500-600 word maximum, unless they really hit it out of the park
  • – feature length investigative stories
  • – event coverage
  • – cartoons and artwork – satire/political social statements
  • – photos – humorous photo shops welcome!

To focus on the following issues: (and whatever you think is leftie important):

  • – racism
  • – gender discrimination/issues in our culture
  • – culture jamming-alternative messaging
  • – criticism of popular culture/icons/behavior/thought processes
  • – worker’s and workplace issues – labor- organizing labor – worker’s rights/violations thereof
  • economic justice
  • – legal issues, constitutionality in a progressive view
  • – critical looks at libertarianism, free staterism (Ok, so one of us had this idea, “I’ll read Ayn Rand so you don’t have to”, if you want to know more about it and have a masochistic streak, contact us).
  • – Direct Actions – pending thereof, workshops, groups, organizations, whatever — lefties doing something BY GOD!

And any other burning issue about the wingnuts or progressiveness that you need to get off your poor troubled chest.  This is the place!

If you pick up leads from Facebook or other blogs or mainstream media and run with them that’s fine, but we expect that you’ll have either new information or original thinking and not just repeats from yours or someone else’s post.

We will expect some name, whatever name to be attached to whatever you send in, we will not publish “anonymous” work and we don’t have a letters section, we also won’t recognize screen-names (but we’re open to considering something really interesting for your moniker) — that’s what we have a comments section for (there and only there you can tell us we’re a bunch of smelly, hairy, stupid socialist/pinko-commie hippies who can’t wait to own a car from the former Soviet Union), help yourself.

We will reserve the right to edit your work for content and/or context but will communicate with you first if we have issue (because we’re that small we can give you that special attention that regular news orgs won’t) and if your stuff is a lot of work to prepare we’ll just send it back to you to do the work (we don’t have an English teacher on staff, but hey if you are one and the public school system hasn’t sufficiently suffocated your desire to work for nothing, please contact us). Anyway please be considerate; no one is getting paid around here at PANH Headquarters to edit your work.

No seriously, Progressive Action is all about teaching and we also want to have teaching events, so if you got the urge to lecture people, contact us first, we’ll embrace you with the love you deserve and give you a platform and you’ll never feel compelled to fight with Uncle Henry at another family picnic again!

So? What are you waiting for?  Go ahead, send us your stuff, drop us a line.  We’re here waiting for your call … with the love and critical analysis you can only find from a true bunch of left, progressive liberally minded anarcho-socialist- hygenically challenged, bookish, over educated, know-it-all, muckracker-money hater–feminiazi– black panther lovin’, thrift store fashion, birkenstock wearin’, granola eating, tree hugging, latte drinking, recycling, composting, animal lovin’, union thug, gender-role confusing — pinkos like us. (boy, stereotypes are fun!).


K. Talbert,

Progressive Action NH.

Contact Us here


2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted!

  1. nelle says:

    Best wishes! I write, but the last thing I wish for or need is to have local cannons firing at me. They can take aim with my novel writing when the time comes.

  2. Oh but that’s all the fun!

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